NEW PODCAST: ‘Administration’

In a podcast we never thought we’d record, Chris, Richard and Tom react to the devastating news that Derby County are entering administration and will plummet to the bottom of the Championship following a 12 point deduction. How terminal will the situation become for our proud club, an institution of English football, and where do we go from here?

Then there’s Mel Morris, the self-proclaimed ‘lifelong fan’ behind Derby’s catastrophic demise. How did a local businessman worth hundreds of millions allow this to happen… and why were his own staff among the last to find out? We assess the Rams legacy of the man who gambled on Derby’s future, and lost spectacularly.

We’re also joined by Ollie Wright, from the Derby County Blog, for his take on a brutal week at Pride Park, his thoughts on Mel Morris, a (rare) victory over Stoke City… and ofcourse his new book, ‘Tens and Nervous: Derby County in the 2010s (Volume 1)’.

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